One of my favorite cities to visit is London. I fall in love with the city again each time I’m there. And – with some luck – we always get sunny and beautiful weather (not typical for London). I’m a person who likes to walk outside a lot and London is definitely the perfect walking city. The city also has much to offer. London’s architecture, the design, the flowers everywhere, the beautiful areas and neighborhoods, the parks, the great coffee shops and restaurants – I love everything about this city!
My husband also grew up in London, so each time we visit we stay busy meeting good friends and family. This also means that I get a very short amount of time to walk in the city and explore new places that I haven’t been to yet.


Long flight and jet lag

If you live on the West Coast, traveling to London with a baby isn’t so difficult. Last time we visited London, I decided to keep my 9-month baby boy on the Houston time zone. We were going to London for a short vacation and keeping him on Houston time worked out perfectly! We were also able to take him with us everywhere we went and because of the time differences, we had late mornings & late dinners. This allowed our baby to enjoy more time outside during the day and by midnight he was ready for bed.



Marylebone street





The White Company – One of my favorite babies’ store in London

When I’m looking for warm clothing for my baby, I love to order online from this store.



Transportation in London really depends on the area you choose to stay in. last time we stayed on Bloomsbury area, next to the British museum but we really enjoy staying at the Athenaeum Hotel on Piccadilly Street, just a few minutes from Buckingham Palace and the park. The last time we visited London, I brought a Meclaren Techno XLR umbrella stroller (without a car seat). Most of the time we walked or took an Uber or a black cab for a few short rides. And of course, a good baby carrier is a great solution as well. I saw lots of mom’s carrying their babies on the metro or on the bus.


Which stroller to choose?

I have to admit that we tried 5 different strollers (we sold one ) before finding the perfect one! We found a stroller for a newborn, one for traveling, one for the airport and connection flights that you can carry with you to the plane, and one for being at home. Before traveling to London, I checked which stroller would provide the most benefits for getting around the city. I looked for umbrella strollers, but for one with enough shade and a reclining option, as we usually spend all day outside and I want the baby to sleep well. I bought the Meclaren Techno XLR last minute, which was the best option. I checked the stroller and I took the GB pockit with me to the airport, along with the carrier). If you have direct flight though, and love to use the carrier, this could also be enough.

Rosewood Hotel, where we had brunch


Brunch at Hollbun Dinning room


British Museum


St. Christopher’s Place