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Shopping in Megeve

If you walk into town, you will find the most expensive name brands and best quality clothes for skiing and snow vacations (like cashmere and wool). I had a chance to walk around the town of Megeve with my French…

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Ski Vacation with a Baby

We have visited Megeve 7 times but it was our first ski vacation with our one-year old baby. It is different when you travel with a baby. You need to prepare everything for the baby (warm and good quality clothes, a…


Ski Vacation to Megeve

Megeve is a love story.  At first, I didn’t believe a place like this really existed. In fact, I still don’t sometimes. I discovered Megeve through my husband.  Since my husband was 3-years old, he would spend the weekends with…


הרשמו לניוזלטר

הרשמו לרשימת התפוצה וקבלו עידכון למייל כם פעם שמפורסם פוסט חדש

תודה! הפרטים התקבלו בהצלחה

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